Total Survival - How To Organize Your Life Book


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  • Written by veteran survivalist expert, James C. Jones - co-founder of Live Free USA, writer for magazine/newsletter, American Survivor and writer of Beyond Survival.
  • Survival data and concepts are all derived from the analysis of real world survival accounts, all compiled into an easy-to-understand and well organized format
  • Table of contents and subjects covered are:
    • Ten principles of survival (anticipation and staying calm)
    • Ten disasters to prepare for (emergency plans and preparedness)
    • Ten items you should always carry
    • Ten things you should have in your survival pack (everything from hydration to weapons)
    • Ten ways to avoid and survive street crimes (includes carjacking and active shooter situations)
    • Ten self-defense moves that you should know (includes handgun defense and front choke counters)
    • Ten medical skills you should know (including cardiac arrest and shock)
    • Ten ways to gather and purify water (includes boiling and distillation methods)
    • Ten ways to gather and safely store food (includes foraging and trapping)
    • Ten ways to start and maintain a fire
    • Ten ways to build a shelter in all terrains
    • Counter-terrorism
  • Applies not only to acute disasters like tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and epidemics but also chronic disasters such as economic decline, food shortages, massive unemployment and avoiding dangers of traveling abroad
  • 192 pages, 8.5"x.6"x11"

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