U.S. Military Emergency Israeli Combat Bandage, 6"


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The Israeli bandage, also known as the Emergency Bandage or Battle Dressing, was developed in Israel in the late 1990s by an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) medic named Bernard Bar-Natan. The bandage was designed to provide a more effective and efficient way to stop bleeding and manage wounds on the battlefield.

The Israeli bandage quickly gained recognition for its innovative design, which includes a sterile dressing, an elastic bandage, and a built-in pressure applicator. This design allows for rapid and effective wound care, particularly for injuries with heavy bleeding.

Since its introduction, the Israeli bandage has been adopted by various military and emergency medical organizations around the world, including the United States Military. It has proven to be a valuable tool for controlling bleeding and stabilizing wounds in a variety of scenarios, from combat environments to civilian emergencies.

  • Genuine U.S. Military issue
  • Made in the USA
  • 6" width bandage
  • Perfect for hemorrhage/bleeding control
  • Consolidates the following: Pressure applicator, Non-adherent pad, Elastic dressing, Stop-N-Go release, and Closure bar
  • Entrusted by the US Military since 1990s and still currently in use as the standard emergency battle dressing
  • A must-have for every first-aid/medical kit, prepper kit, bug-out bag, or range bag 

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